Midnight (Bumbumjum Gaming) is a contestant from Battle of the Color Box.

Elimination Table

Episode Votes (Dislikes) Outcome


2 Safe


N/A Immune


N/A Immune

Trivia Edit

  • Midnight is Bumbumjum. The creator of this wiki.
  • This is Bumbumjum's favorite box.
  • Midnight has gotten a strike removed.
  • Midnight admitted that Episode 3's challenge was too hard.
  • Midnight's Birthday is October 26th.
  • Midnight apparently hates the pink colors.
  • Midnight loves this camp and says it's his favorite camp. Meaning that he had been in other camps.
  • Midnight made a ironic joke in a episode.
  • Midnight used to play Roblox.
  • Midnight has the highest grade ever achieved currently.